Child's Name: Rateb Mohamed Dyab – R276
Mother's Name: Najla
Date of Birth:  Nov. 05, 2009
Resides in: Gaza
Family Members: 5
School Grade: 4th Grade (2019)

Family Conditions: Rateb & his siblings live with their mother in a rented place, the father left Gaza a year ago and does not contact his family. The family is very poor and need help desperately


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Child's Name: Rama Zaher Abu Gaynus – R279
Mother's Name: Sabreen
Date of Birth:  10 July, 2012
Resides in: Deir El-Balah
Family Members: 9
School Grade: 1st Grade

Family Conditions: The father unable to work due to shrapnel’ injuries caused by Israelis army, very poor family, has no home. Need help


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Child's Name: Remas Atta Abu Khader – R280
Mother's Name: Neveen
Date of Birth:  7 November, 2011
Resides in: Gaza
Family Members: 6
School Grade:

Family Conditions: Remas has brain paralysis, mentally handicap, need treatment and great deal of attention in big family with very difficult circumstances. Need help


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Child's Name: Mohamed Khazaa Harara - R281
Mother's Name: Feryal
Date of Birth:  16 October, 2011
Resides in: Tal el Zatar - Gaza
Family Members: 5
School Grade: 3rd Grade

Family Conditions: Mother is divorced, she is not working, father abandoned the family and does not give any assistance, the family has no home and desperate for help

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