Child's Name:  Ayat Faris Khatab – R274
Mother's Name: Nadia
Date of Birth:  Oct. 3, 2010
Resides in: Dier Elbalah
Family Members: 7
School Grade: 3rd

Family Conditions: Ayat has speaking difficulty, the family is too poor to afford treating her


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Child's Name: Saja Tawfiq Batniji - R273
Mother's Name: Siham
Date of Birth:  Oct. 28, 2013
Resides in: Gaza
Family Members: 2
School Grade: 1st. Grade

Family Conditions: The father left Gaza to unknown destination and left the pregnant wife without any support, Saja and her mother live in her uncle home, the uncle is poor and has a large family


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Child's Name: Ali Mohamad Awad – U80

Mother's Name: Fidaa Adnan Issa

Date of Birth:  2015

Resides in: El-Khalil

Family Members: 9

School Grade: ---

Family Conditions: Little Ali was born blind, there is no way to offer him education or adaptation except through a specialized school for the blind that is very far from home..... very difficult financial situation of the family, very low income. The mother doesn't work.

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Child's Name: Rateb Mohamed Dyab – R276
Mother's Name: Najla
Date of Birth:  Nov. 05, 2009
Resides in: Gaza
Family Members: 5
School Grade: 4th Grade (2019)

Family Conditions: Rateb & his siblings live with their mother in a rented place, the father left Gaza a year ago and does not contact his family. The family is very poor and need help desperately

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