Child's Name: Hamza Jameel Gayth – R269
Mother's Name: Sanaa Al-Durra
Date of Birth:  July 23, 2006
Resides in: Braij
Family Members: 5
School Grade: 7th Grade

Family Conditions: The mother is divorced, and lives with her kids at her parents very small home with limited means, the father of her children doesn’t work and pay no attention to the kids or their financial needs. The mother needs help.

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Child's Name: Mohamed Khalid Abed – R267
Mother's Name: Jamila
Date of Birth: August 21, 2011
Resides in: Gaza
Family Members: 4
School Grade: 2nd grade
NGORed Crescent Society for Gaza Strip

Family Conditions: The father and mother are ill, poor family, need help  

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Child's Name: Mahmoud Hayel ElKurd – R268
Mother's Name: Amani Rashid
Date of Birth: February 17, 2012 
Resides in: Gaza
Family Members: 8
School Grade: 1st. grade
NGORed Crescent Society for Gaza Strip

Family Conditions: Large and poor family, the extended family including grandparents live with them, they need help

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Child's Name: Abdelhay Mahmoud Sadder - C20
Mother's Name: Samah
Date of Birth:  May 15, 2013
Resides in: Nablus
Family Members: 6
School Grade: K.G.

Family Conditions: Father passed on 25/10/2018, family passing thru hard time and need financial help


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