Name: Nour Yaser Abu Hindi - R238

Mother's Name:Somieh

Date of birth:Aug 26, 2006

Resides in: Gaza

Family members:6

School Grade: 

Family Conditions:The little girl was born with Cerebral Palsy which has resulted in mental retardation & double incontinence. Her father has epilepsy & as a result is unable to work. The family is in extreme poverty & hardship.



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Name: Aseel Shadi Haroun - R240

Mother's Name: Ranya Yosri

Date of birth: 22 March 2010

Resides in: Shajaieh – Gaza

Family members: 6

School Grade: 1st. grade

Family Conditions: The father can't work due to shoulder injury, family very poor

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Name: MinatAllah Issa Abu Kitta - R241

Mother's Name: Yosra

Date of birth: 19 October 2008

Resides in: Deir el Balah – Gaza

Family members: 10

School Grade: 1st. grade

Family Conditions:A large family, all its members suffer from Thalasemia, the father can't work as a result of chronic depression.  The family has no source of income and is in extreme poverty. 


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Name: Ahmad Wael Abu Aisha - R242

Mother's Name: Rehab

Date of birth: 03 March 2012

Resides in: Gaza

Family members: 9

School Grade: 1st. grade

Family Conditions: A large, very poor family with no income to meet its simple daily needs. The little boy's father is unable to provide for his family due to an injury that made him loose his left eye & the sensation and motor function of one of his hands

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