Child Name: Tamer Mohamed Haj-Ali C17
Date of Birth: Nov. 22, 2010
Mother name: Yasmeen Najeeb
City/Town: Nablus
Family members: 4
School Grade: 2nd

Family Situation: The little Tamer and his two brothers Seifeddin and Samer live with their widowed mother, their father passed away 3 years ago and the family has no source of income

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Name:  Hamadah Heidar Hammad Arafat –R151

Mother's Name: Samar Arafat

Date of birth:  August 27th, 2005

Resides in: Al Zaytoun Camp, Gaza

Family members: 11

School Grade: 6th grade

Family Conditions: Their family home has been bombarded during the War; the father has got an ulcer and back problems so he is unable to work.  They are a large family of which three of their children are with special needs since birth, that require special care and very high expenses.

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Name:  Tamer Tawfiq Al-Najjar- R255

Date of birth:  March 17, 2014
Mother's Name: Haya Mohamed

Resides in: Al Shati Camp, Gaza

Family members: 5

School Grade:

Family Conditions: Tamer & his sister Nadin, lost their hearings, they need hearing aids and special schooling, family is very poor, the father has hepatitis B and can’t work, their living condition is quite hard. They need help.

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R120 2

Name: Nada Hani Al-Najjar – R120
Date of Birth: December 7, 2002
Mother name:  Kefah (died on 18 March 2005)
City/Town: Gaza – Jabalia Refugees Camp
Family members: 12
School Grade:

Family Situation:  Nada and 3 of her brothers: Mohammad (1989), Mustafa (1995) and Younis (2001) are mentally retarded - hereditary disease. The father is mildly intellectually handicapped since birth and is unable to hold a full time job, family is very poor and they are having difficulty meeting their basic needs

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