Child's Name: Rozan Ramzi Abdo – R258
Mother's Name: Kholoud Abdelnaser
Date of Birth: 28/10/2012
Resides in: Nosayrat Camp
Family Members: 4
School Grade: Kindergarten

Family Conditions: The Mother passed away, the father is deaf mute and totally unable to work; the family has no source of income and is in dire need for its daily means of survival.


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Child's Name: Farah Mohamed Gazal - R259
Mother's Name: Enas Saeed
Date of Birth: Jan. 28, 2006
Resides in: Gaza
Family Members: 9
School Grade: Mute & Deaf School

Family Conditions: Farah Has neurological problem, large family, many members have different kinds of disability, very poor.  


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Child's Name: Hisham Hosni Al Romi – R260
Mother's Name: Sohad Omar
Date of Birth: Oct. 31, 2006
Resides in: Khan Younes
Family Members: 7
School Grade: Autism-ADHD

Family Conditions: The child is autism-ADHD, father is old and ill ‘diabetic & hepatitis C”, large & poor family with no source of income, they need help


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Child's Name: Yazan Yaqub Quasmeh - U79
Mother's Name: Sawsan Mahmoud

Date of Birth: 6/01/2006
Resides in: Halhoul
Family Members: 9
School Grade: ----

Family Conditions: A large family with poor economic conditions, Yazan has a chronic illness that has totally incapacitated his mental and physical growth. His condition needs special medication, a specific nutrition regime and continuous treatment and supervision which causes a heavy financial load on the father, who is the only provider to the family with a very poor income

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