Name:  Basma Kamal El Fayyumi - R131
Mother's Name: Bushra Samir
Date of birth: 28 September 2002
Resides in: Gaza
Family members: 12
School Grade:  6

Family Conditions: Very large family, the father has a colon cancer, the mother had her left tit amputated due to cancer in 2014 and still under medical observation and treatment. Family desperate for help.


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Child’s Name:  Mohannad Omar Ouidah –R229
Date of Birth:  18 / 10 / 2006
Mother name:  Manal Olian
City/Town: Khan Younes
Family members:  19
School Grade:

Family Situation: Mohannad and his older brother Mohamed suffer from brain shrinkage “spastic cerebral palsy”, bowel & urine control problem, both need continuous medical care and high expenses for this very large & poor family


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Child's Name:Ahmad Rabee Bustan – R251
Mother's Name:
Saedah Taleb

Date of Birth:Nov. 20, 2006
Resides in:  Gaza
Family Members: 5

School Grade:

Family Conditions:
The child has Epilepsy, father out of work, poor family

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Child's Name:Enam Ayman Abu Daken – R252

Mother's Name: Houaida Ehmaid
Date of Birth:Jan. 22, 2006
Resides in:  Gaza
Family Members: 6
School Grade: 5 (2017)

Family Conditions: The child has burn scars on her body, needs operation to remove it, father has no work, poor family condition.



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