Child's Name: Malak Mohamed Abu Dakka – R293
Mother's Name: Najwa
Date of Birth:  May 27, 2009
Resides in: Bani Sohaila, Khan Younes
Family Members: 6
School Grade:

Family Conditions: The child Malak and her brother Farid, suffer from (Glutaric Aciduria Type 1), they are slow in growth in muscle and movement, they need expensive medication, father unable to work, large family needs help 


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Child's Name: Abdulla Hatem Hasan – R294
Mother's Name: Kholoud
Date of Birth:  July 30, 2006
Resides in: Gaza
Family Members: 8
School Grade: 7th grade

Family Conditions: The father of this large family had few strokes resulted in disabled him, family is poor and needs help


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Child's Name: Ahmad Eyad El Meshal – R295
Mother's Name: Asma
Date of Birth:  Oct., 15, 2011
Resides in: Gaza
Family Members: 8
School Grade: 3rd grade

Family Conditions: Very large & poor family, the father and the mother have different illnesses and can’t work, family needs help

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Child's Name: Khatemah Abed Sobh – R296
Mother's Name: Halimah
Date of Birth:  April 28, 2014
Resides in: Beit Lahya, Gaza 
Family Members: 9
School Grade:

Family Conditions: Very large and poor family, the mother & father has hepatitis B and unable to work. Family needs help


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