CPFQ Mandate

The Foundation shall be a non-profit charitable organization. The Purposes and Objects of the Foundation shall be as follows:

  1. To teach the Arabic language to interested persons in Canada in structured and methodical courses and set up elementary and secondary schools for the benefit of the Palestinian Canadian Community.
  2. To set up organizations in Canada assigned the task of collecting donations for purposes of the present objects, for the relief of poverty to needy refugees and immigrants of Palestinian descent by providing basic subsistence necessities and monetary donations.
  3. Donations and funds collected through various CPFQ organizations in Canada will be channeled back into the Palestinian Community in the form of scholarship funds, bursaries and grants enabling needy members to pursue academic or vocational ambitions in Canadian educational institutions.
  4. Donations to and funds of the Foundation will also be used to organize medical assistance efforts from Canada to children in any Arabic speaking country, who are victims of violence, suffering from acts of aggression or poverty, and for whom adequate medical treatment and supervision is not made available. These efforts include covering medical costs, medications and, whenever necessary, passage expenses to Canada for treatment in local medical facilities.
  5. To contribute to any and all qualified recipients under Section 149.1 (1) (b) of the Canada Income Tax Act who share the purposes and objects of this Foundation.
  6. To work towards elimination of all forms of racism, discrimination and prejudice, and to cooperate with other concerned groups and organizations for that purpose.