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Child's Name: Ali Mohamad Awad – U80

Mother's Name: Fidaa Adnan Issa

Date of Birth:  2015

Resides in: El-Khalil

Family Members: 9

School Grade: ---

Family Conditions: Little Ali was born blind, there is no way to offer him education or adaptation except through a specialized school for the blind that is very far from home..... very difficult financial situation of the family, very low income. The mother doesn't work. 


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Name: Ahmad Mohanad Shehadeh – R297
Mother's Name: Shadiah
Date of Birth:  July 10, 2014
Resides in: Jabalia Camp
Family Members: 5

School Grade: K.G.

Family Conditions: The family of Ahmad has been kicked out of their rented place because they do not have means to pay the rent, the father can’t find work in the very bad economy Gaza Strip going through. Large family need help


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Child’s Name:  A'la Mueen Sbiteh– R235
Date of Birth: 15 October 2009
Mother name:  Amira Ahmad
City/Town: Gaza
Family members:  4
School Grade: 4th. Grade (2019)

Family Situation: A’la lost her father in August 2015, poor family no source of income


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Child's Name: Mahmoud Hayel ElKurd – R268
Mother's Name: Amani Rashid
Date of Birth: February 17, 2012 
Resides in: Gaza
Family Members: 8
School Grade: 2nd. grade

Family Conditions: Large and poor family, the extended family including grandparents live with them, they need help


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